Beltermo - Install

Scope of application
Recommended for internal insulation of external walls and floors

Natural softwood fibers
MDI polyurethane-based resin (4%)

Styling recommendations
When transporting and storing plates, it is necessary to ensure that they are protected from mechanical damage and moistened. Storage of pallets with a plate is carried out indoors on a flat surface, isolated from the ground, under a canopy that protects the heat-insulating plate made of wood fiber from the effects of precipitation and sunlight.
it is not allowed to load plates "in bulk" and unload them by dumping.
It is allowed to stack pallets with the stove one on top of the other in stacks in no more than two tiers. It is recommended to lay plates with Offset joints

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Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics

(according to GOST EN 13171)

  • Edge profile: straight
  • Length: 1000-1250mm
  • Width: 575-600mm
  • Thickness: 20-160mm
  • Density: approx. 150 kg / m3
  • Nominal value of the thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.040 W / M * K
  • Compressive strength at 10% linear deformation: 100 KPA
  • Tensile strength perpendicular to the product plane: 7.5 KPA
  • Fire resistance. Euroclass according to STB EN 13501: E
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