Beltermo - Ultra

Scope of application
Moisture-resistant plate. It is recommended for external roof insulation and insulation of external walls under a protective coating. Internal insulation of the floor under the screed of seamless floors (laminate, panel parquet), insulation of external walls and internal walls under the facade lining is possible

Natural softwood fibers
MDI polyurethane-based resin (4%)
Paraffin emulsion (1.5%)

Styling recommendations
Lay the plates tightly together without gaps
Provide a dry, smooth and technically flawless surface, protect from moisture during prolonged use
Lay the plates at right angles to the rafters
It is forbidden to walk on slabs in the gap between the rafters
Slabs are not a load-bearing structure (for example, under snow load)

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Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics

(according to GOST EN 13171)

  • Edge profile: straight or spike-groove
  • Length: 1000-2800mm
  • Width: 575-600mm
  • Thickness: 20-160mm
  • Density: approx. 180 kg / m3
  • Nominal value of the thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.042 W M * K
  • Compressive strength at 10% linear deformation: 150 KPA
  • Tensile strength perpendicular to the product plane: 10 KPA
  • Short-term hygroscopicity: ≤ 1 kg / m2
  • Fire resistance. Euroclass according to STB EN 13501E
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